happy mothers dayB & P Dorpers is a small family owned and operated farm outside Richland Springs, Texas. Established in 2017, with only 2 white dorper ewe lambs. The lambs were going to be show lambs for our youngest daughter. Many years later B & P Dorpers has around 40 breeding ewes that are helping to produce show lambs as well as breeding lambs for the public. We are raising registered white dorpers, percentage white dorpers, commercial white dorpers, some commercial dorpers, percentage dorpers, and a few registered dorpers.

B & P Dorpers works very hard to produce the best quality of sheep that will be hearty in the pasture and raise healthy hearty lambs. We look all over trying to find sheep to upgrade our flock all the time. Genetics is something we experiment with to help increase productivity and health in our sheep. My father is currently raising registered dorpers and we work together to help each other when we must work the sheep or get animals ready for sales or stock shows. My father is also the go-to person for all our vet questions. He is the one who helps me when the animals get sick.

B & P Dorpers tries very hard to help give back to the community. From providing lambs to students to show at stock shows, to selling lambs very reasonably to people wanting to start their own herd, to sponsoring community baseball teams, and even allowing students to use the animals as a learning tool.

I recently took a job as an agricultural science teacher at Brookesmith ISD. I am using the knowledge I have gained from raising my sheep to help my students understand what it takes to manage animals.

Brandy Benson
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